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The Beginners Guide to a Skin Care Routine

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The Beginners Guide to a Skin Care Routine

A basic skincare routine has a different meaning for everyone. For some it means less time spent applying many different products, for others a basic skin care routine refers to budget constraints, and in some cases, both of the above.

Whichever product you choose to use, it should be a something you will be happy to use and look forward to using every single day. Skin care routines, first and foremost, should be about looking after your skin consistently. It is a form of self-care, time spent investing in your body, to boost mental health and confidence.

Secondly, it is important to take into consideration the type of skin you have and what conditions are present. Do not make the mistake in assuming you have, for example, an oily skin if you suffer from the occasional breakouts, and hence investing in acne products.

Your skin could be severely dehydrated or oil dry, which is why your skin is producing more oil which results in breakouts.

We highly recommend having a skin analysis done by a professional aesthetician, as this will be the best way to ensure you are investing in the correct products for yourself. Have your skin conditions explained to you, to better understand what you need to be using.

Beginner’s Basics



3. Sun Protection

When applying your products, always make sure you are including your neck and décolleté, as these areas have the same skin structure as the skin of the face.

1. Cleansing

A face wash and a cleanser have the same action. A bar of soap or cleansing wipes should NOT be used to wash one’s face.

Many skip the cleansing step entirely, which leads to skin problems. Cleansing should be the done every day, mornings and evenings, because clean skin is the building block of healthy skin.

Our favourite cleansers include:

LaMelle Serra Cleansing Gel

LaMelle Active Cleanse

2. Moisturizer or treatment cream

A Moisturizer will ensure that your skin is receiving the moisture it needs to perform many important functions.

A treatment cream will be the alternative if there are other more severe issues present in the skin.

You will use your moisturizer or treatment cream every morning and every evening after you have cleansed your skin.

Our Go-To Moisturizers:

LaMelle Barrier Repair Cream

LaMelle Nourish Revitalise Cream

3. Sun Protection

This is non-negotiable in any basic routine. Especially because we live in such a sunny country, sun protection is the golden step in any skin care routine.

A small SPF factor in your moisturizer is not enough protection for your skin. Even if you sit in an office all day, the amount of UV rays we receive from our cell phones, computer screens and small amounts of sunlight, contribute significantly to skin damage and skin ageing. A SPF 50 is the benchmark of what a SPF should include. No less.

This step will always be your last step. Wait for the moisturizer to absorb into your skin, and then apply your SPF50.

We cannot stress enough of how important this step is.

Our favourite Brand of Sun Protection creams are the Heliocare range as they have a specific formulation for every skin type.

Heliocare Gel Oil Free SPF50

Heliocare Water Gel SPF50

Heliocare Air Gel SPF 50

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