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All You Need to Know About Tixel Treatments

Aesthetic Centre Olympia
Tixel - thermo-mechanical ablation technology

Aesthetic Centre Olympia is delighted to present our latest multi faceted skin treatment device:

The Tixel

The Tixel is recognized as one of the best thermo-mechanical action procedures available, and a first for Namibia.

Clinical study based evidence, showcase the effective and safe way Tixel procedures can target numerous conditions of the skin.

What makes the Tixel treatment so unique is the ability to safely treat a wide variety of skin conditions and ailments of all skin types.

The Tixel device does not emit any harmful light beams and does not present any eye safety concern, making it possible to treat the delicate skin around the eyes effectively. Unlike other CO2 laser treatments Tixel offers a quicker healing time.

What can Tixel treat?

· Fine Lines & Wrinkles of the face, neck & décolletage

· Rough Skin Texture

· Skin Discoloration & Pigmentation Disorders

· Tightening of Upper Eyelids

· Scars & Stretch Marks

· Acne & Acne induced scarring

The Tixel device is also the treatment device of choice by the Olympia Eye & Laser Centre, when treating Dry Eye Syndrome. The device can be used safely around the eyes, without harming the delicate lash line.

How does it work?

During your consultation, a bespoke treatment plan will be recommended to address your needs and concerns.

The Tixel machine comprises of a small heated ceramic grid of 81 intricate pyramids located on the head of a handheld device, which is placed onto the skin in a controlled method.

Aesthetic Centre Olympia
Tixel - how does it work

The exposure time and depth of protrusion is selected according to what condition is being treated. The machine only touches the skin for a fraction of a second when the trigger is squeezed.

Upon brief contact with the skin, thermal energy is transferred to the upper skin layers.

The Results

Wrinkles / Fine Lines / Texture

Client received 6 treatments, 1 month apart

Aesthetic Centre Olympia
Tixel - fine lines / texture

Pigmented Scar

Client received 5 treatments, 1 month apart

Aesthetic Centre Olympia
Tixel - pigmented scar

Acne & Acne Scarring

Only 1 treatment performed

Aesthetic Centre Olympia
Tixel - Acne & Acne scarring before

Aesthetic Centre Olympia
Tixel - Acne & Acne scarring after


It is advisable to avoid direct sun exposure during the healing period where possible.

Depending on what condition is being treated the appropriate after care is provided by your therapist. For the patient to achieve the best result possible, it is advised to give up smoking as this may result in diminished effects.

Any redness of the skin subsides within 24 hours, after which micro scabs will form. These should ideally be left to slough off by themselves. Some results may be seen immediately, but improvement continues for up to 3-6 months after the treatment. Clients should undergo 3-5 sessions for best results, followed by top-up sessions every few years.

For More Information contact us on: 061372640

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