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Your two-a-day pimple protector. Acnevelle is an oral supplement that’s registered as complementary medicine for treating pimples. It’s proven to clear up to 88% of pimples in 8 weeks.

Do not use this product if pregnant, planning a pregnancy, or breast-feeding.

Lamelle Clarity Acnevelle Plus

  • - Take after meals – and never on an empty stomach.

    - Note that Acnevelle contains zinc, so be aware of the symptoms of zinc sensitivity.

    - The following patients were excluded from trials and studies of this product, and thus we do not recommend the use of Acnevelle under these conditions:

    ○ Pregnancy

    ○ Patients with a known allergy to nicotinamide or zinc

    ○ Cystic acne

    ○An uncontrolled medical illness

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