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Photo-makeup for reapplication and retouching


Its innovative cushion format combines the benefits of a fluid photoprotector and the convenience of compact makeup. It allows, in a single step, to retouch makeup and reapply photoprotector. Noncomedogenic, hydrating, hypoallergenic and water resistant formula.

It meets the highest photoprotection standards. With Fernblock®+, specific filters and repairing and antioxidant active ingredients, it protects against the 4 types of radiation (UVB, UVA, Visible and Infrared), neutralises and repairs sun damage. Available in 3 shades and with adjustable coverage, it is a solution that allows reapplication of photoprotection with a natural and unifying tone. Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control.

Heliocare 360° Color Cushion Compact SPF 50+

  • Broad spectrum protection (SPF50+, PA++++, Visible and Infrared)
    Sun damage repair
    Cushion format
    Adjustable coverage
    Tested under dermatological control
    Tested under ophthalmological control
    3 shades available (pearl, beige and bronze)

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