Weight Loss With Medi-Lean

Medi-Lean is based on the Modified Simeons HCG protocol, but is more flexible and user-friendly than similar diets on the market. It is aimed at ensuring targeted fat loss and avoiding muscle loss.

The aim of Medi-Lean (and of all good diets) is to change your dietary lifestyle for the future and strives to do this without going to any extremes.

You will need an InBody assessment with us prior to starting the diet and then after every two week interval. This will tell us how much weight you need to loose, your water and fat percentage in your body, amongst other things.

The minimum period for remaining on HGC (human growth hormone) injections is 4 weeks, with a maximum of 6 weeks. The minimum washout period (a period where no injections are allowed) is 2 weeks before you can consider repeating the cycle. The cycles can be repeated as long as is necessary for you to reach a target or ideal weight.

If you are significantly overweight, you should generally lose over 5kg during any 4 – 6 week phase. If you are very committed, it is often more than this.

No good diet is easy to start and a positive attitude is a must. The detoxing and early phase of the diet can be challenging. Once you adapt to healthy meal portions in the maintenance phase, you should not feel hungry and you should get extra enjoyment from whatever healthy food you do eat.

Medilean weightloss

For a more detailed introduction to Medi-Lean, please download our information sheet.